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Five Steps to Declutter Any Part of Your Life (ARCHIVE)

Five Steps to Declutter Any Part of Your Life (ARCHIVE)

Originally posted June 27, 2018

It has been two and a half years since I began my minimalist journey. I have learnt many lessons in that time. Surprisingly, few of them have been about things. Without trying to sound like I am trying to ‘spiritualise’ minimalism, I honestly feel that the most useful lessons I have learnt have been about my values. I would have to say that I have applied minimalism to my inner being as much as my outer, and this has resulted in a much more solid understanding of who I am, what I’m willing to do, and where I want to go. This weekend I will discuss this topic more with my Patreon subscribers.

In saying that, today’s post is very much about how to declutter physical things in your life.

I felt inspired to make a video with simple steps that anyone can take to begin the process of minimalism. I wanted the information to be broad, so that it can be applied to any aspect of the home, whether it be your junk drawer, wardrobe or kitchen.

Below are five steps I have used to minimise my life.

  1. Start small. The best way to begin your journey is to start in small areas of the home. This might be a whole room for some people, but for others it might mean a single drawer. Either way, you want to work in small chunks to avoid getting overwhelmed with the process.

  2. Establish your needs. In whichever part of your life you choose to begin with, it is important to think about the purpose of that area, and decide what do you need and what don’t you need. Having a clear picture of how you use the space will help guide your decluttering.

  3. Categorise. Working within the area you want to declutter, take everything out into the open and organise into categories. It is important that you completely empty the space so you can organise effectively.

  4. Remove duplicates and specialised items. Once you are able to view everything, you can begin sorting your belongings into a ‘keep’, ‘discard’, and ‘maybe’ pile. The easiest way to start is by acknowledging that in most circumstances, duplicates are not necessary. Begin to also think about items that can be used in a number of contexts, and remove specialised items that can only be used occasionally. Always discard your items in a mindful manner.

  5. Think twice. Decluttering is the easy part. The challenging part is to keep the clutter from creeping back in. Smart purchasing based on the analysis of your needs and careful planning is crucial to maintain minimalism in your home. As a general rule, get into the habit of delaying purchases so you can really think about them twice.


Minimalism and Decluttering | Discarding Your Belongings Mindfully (ARCHIVE)

Minimalism and Decluttering | Discarding Your Belongings Mindfully (ARCHIVE)