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Minimalist Wardrobe Shopping Tips (ARCHIVE)

Minimalist Wardrobe Shopping Tips (ARCHIVE)

Originally posted December 25, 2016

As Christmas approaches its end, Boxing Day rears its head. Boxing Day sales can be a huge distraction from creating the wardrobe you really want. A small wardrobe evolves through careful thought and planning. It works best if it is composed of high quality, flexible items of clothing.

If you are planning to do some sale shopping, slow down, take a few breaths, and read carefully. Enjoy my gift of minimalist wardrobe shopping tips.

    1. Create a wish list before you go shopping. Establish what items of clothing will complete ‘looks’ in your wardrobe. Are you missing basics such a blazer, a white tee, or a black dress? Perhaps you have a lot of basics and need some interesting statement pieces? Write a wish list for the whole year. Try to limit your list to about 10-15 items. This will force you to be selective and chose pieces that are more flexible.

    2. Prepare a budget before you go shopping. You should figure out how much you can afford to, or are willing to spend on clothing during the whole year. This will help keep your purchases in context. Is the item really worth buying if it is going to cost a third of your whole annual shopping budget?

    3. Establish your banned brands. Choose five brands that have disappointed you in the past and avoid them like the plague.

    4. Establish your favourite brands. Choose five brands that inspire you. Include brands you don’t think you can afford. Consider the quality of the items available. You want everything you buy to last a while because you will most likely wear it a lot.

    5. Always shop in the correct season. It is always better to buy things you are likely to wear immediately. That way you can tell if the item is right for you straight away and return it if it’s not. Items that are purchased for future seasons are at risk of being forgotten about.

    6. Browse online before you enter the shop. You are looking for items that are on your wish list. If you cannot find those items online, the party ends here. Wait a few months and try it again. If you find things you like, always check the garment composition. Try to avoid items made of synthetic fibers. These are less likely to wear well.

    7. Try on items before you purchase. If you find something you like online, it is best that you enter the physical store to try it on.

    8. Wear matching items. When you go shopping, wear what you want the items on your wish list to complete ‘looks’ with. This way you can establish if the item is right in the context of your existing wardrobe.

    9. Wait before you buy. Most brands, even high end brands, have sales. Stalk the pieces you love, and wait patiently for a discount. Most things end up marked down in time.

    10. Don’t buy just because it is on sale. Many of us make this mistake and this is one of the reasons we end up with large wardrobes we don’t use. Would you buy it if it were full price? If the answer is no, forget about it.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Take it easy.

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