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Minimalism and Adapting Your Space (ARCHIVE)

Minimalism and Adapting Your Space (ARCHIVE)

Originally posted January 17, 2017

‘What is the purpose of this space?’ This question rang in my mind as I discarded the entertainment equipment from my living room.

When we picture a living room, we probably see similar things. We imagine a large room with an entertainment system, surrounded by a number of comfortable seats.

While these are simple, functional objects, they reveal a lot about our shared values. First of all, the entertainment system is the focal point of the living space. This suggests that we spend a lot of time ‘consuming’ concepts and ideas in the form of entertainment. Next there is an inherent assumption about ‘togetherness’. The lounge is a meeting place, a place to share entertainment  with your loved ones.

As we gain adulthood and employment, many of us strive to recreate this image. We never question why. It’s just what we do. It’s how a living room looks. We go into our first home purchasing the objects that fit the image. And there is nothing wrong with this, if that is how you genuinely use the space. We are very lucky that we live in a world where we can afford to have a space dedicated purely to entertainment.

Ask yourself though, do the rooms in your home meet your real needs? Is there another way in which you could use the space better?

The reason I removed my giant TV and DVD player and my DVDs was because I found that most of my entertainment viewing takes place on my tiny laptop, on my lap, and all the other stuff basically just gathered dust. If I wasn’t using it, what was it doing there?

I use my dining table as a creative space and office. My art materials were already stored in the living area. It was inevitable that it would become an extension of my creative space.

I decided a better use for the focal point of my living room was as a space of inspiration. You could describe what I created as kind of an altar, though I am hesitant to use this phrase overtly because of any religious/cultural connotations it might have for people.

I placed objects of importance there. My favourite artwork. A few objects I like to look at. Some plants, some candles. All the the things in that space inspire and calm me.

We can adapt any part of our space to suit our real needs. Forget about how a space is ‘supposed’ to be used, and fill it with the things that are useful to you.


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